30-Days of Samhain-Bonus Post #4

Falling Back to Reach Forward
November 4.2018
6:45 EST

Daylight savings time ended this morning! And, as reminder in resetting the clocks-“Fall Back (Spring Forward)”. I chose to write this as a bonus post because this Samhain-tide season takes its comfort in the darkness, and the end of daylight savings time, means the return to a blanket of early evening sunset and settling into a nightscape that can be as illuminated as candle or lamp provide.

So, I’m using the Fall Back catchphrase to stimulate the focus back into seeking our ancestor connection to provide the perspectives that carry us forward into what lay ahead. This time change that aligns us with the natural circadian cycle that we use as biological linear time pulls us back into the flow of seeking the light(s) within (indoors) as the cooler weather and early darkness provide the space for reflection and introspection. We naturally, begin to wind down from the light of the day’s activities and demands and prepare for rest, relaxation and the coziness afforded our home.

During the veils of Samhain, this also provides the perfect setting for our settling into the desire to commune with those beloveds that have past beyond corporeal form and awaits us in the stillness of a light that emanates from the mysteries of the unknown. Falling back into the night lifts your vision up towards the light that flows from Sun-day’s glow. What lay behind us in the shadows of our present existence carries us forward into the brightness of what lay head in our future. This is the consummate wisdom of our Ancestors and what they desire for us.

Perhaps, for today as we have turned our clocks back and what feels like the gaining of an additional hour, consider using some of that time as the sun sets and the night crowds in to sit quietly in a candle-lit space and reach out towards your beloveds, seeking their wisdom and grace to guide you through the increasing waning of the sun.

We are nearing the end of our 30-Days and astrological SAMHAIN is in 3 Days!

November 7 @ 6:18am (EST)

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30-Days of Samhain-Index

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