30-Days of Samhain-Index

The final harvest calls, the Ancestors await and the veils between the worlds have thinned offering the gifts of healing, transformation and deeper communion with the cycles of nature.

30-Days of Samhain is a daily offering ending on Astrological Samhain that provides lore,ritual, pathworking and more to fully immerse yourself in the most sacred of times of the Witch’s year. Let the journey begin…

Timeline for 2018:

Astrological Samhain occurs on November 7th @ 6:18a.m. (EST)
Day One begins on October 9th


The Witch’s Year Tarot Spread

Deep Into the Belly

Quick Links…

Day One: Welcome and Introduction

Day Two: The (basic) Astrology of Samhain

Day Three: The Gods of Samhain

Day Four: The Charge of the Dark God

Day Five: The Goddesses of Samhain

Day Six: The Charge of the Dark Goddess

Day Seven: Just for Fun

Day Eight: Samhain Incense and Oils

Day Nine: The Altars of Samhain

Day Ten: Creati(vity)on Calls

Day Eleven: Samhain Lunations-New Moon in Libra

Day Twelve: What About the Veils

Day Thirteen: Samhain Lunations-Waxing Moon in Scorpio

Day Fourteen: A Simple Ritual of Balance

Day Fifteen: The Wisdom of the Underworld

Day Sixteen: Who Are the Ancestors

Day Seventeen: Ancestor Altars

Day Eighteen: The Ancestor’s Cauldron-A Pathworking of Communion

Day Nineteen: Opening to Divination

Day Twenty: The Gift of My Ancestor-A Tarot Spread

Day Twenty-One: Meeting at the Crossroads: A Samhain Pathworking

Day Twenty-Two: The Hounds

Day Twenty-Three: Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain!

Day Twenty-Four: How I Spent My Samhain

Day Twenty-Five: Dia de los Meurtos

Day Twenty-Six: Reaching Back

Day Twenty-Seven: Samhain Lunations-Full Moon in Taurus

Day Twenty-Eight: A Celebration of Astrological Samhain

Day Twenty-Nine: Memories

Day Thirty: The Final Meeting at the Crossroads