Day Fourteen: 14-Days of Samhain

Welcome Samhain! Welcome Me in All of My Parts!

November 7.2022 5:36am (EST)

Sun in Scorpio

Waxing Moon in Taurus

All Hail the Blessings of Samhain! 
All Hail My Transformation!

I have claimed all that I AM
I have woven a new journey of MY Re-Making

How I choose to move forward
How I choose to be in the world
How I choose to express my humanity
How I choose to create from the exhale of inspiration
How I choose to step into the mantle of my Higher nature

All of these and more are mine to bring into collaboration
With none being more than the other and none remaining stagnant

On this day of Samhain I reach into the Swirlings 
And celebration of my Life transformed.

Today we celebrate astrological Samhain and allow ourselves the opportunity to cycle back to the beginning of this journey 14-days ago and where we have arrive today.

Back to a little Numerology

We began in the aura of the number 5 and worked its magick of creation each step of the way…..

From Day One ……The date of the first day of the 14-days:

10.25.2022 reduces to: 8 + 6 = 14 = 1+ 4= 5

and.. The 14 days = 1 + 4 = 5

Five is also the number of the Pentagram and the five (5) traditional alchemical elements, specifically those that are in resonance with the building blocks of our mundane and magickal expressions of self (ves)…….

And, now we stand in the polarized glory of the number six “6”.  A double trinity of power and grace. The creation of five’s efforts that is aligned within its nature of reciprocity. I invite you to think of the double trinity in whatever way makes sense to you… Maiden-Mother-Crone-Youth-Father-Sage/Lower – Middle – Higher-Higher – Middle – Lower selves/Dark – Grey – Light – Light – Grey – Dark, etc….

Back to the Beginning

Our first day was also an invitation to hold these intentions as you moved through each of the 14-days’ work.

I see with clarity what requires my breath of resolve

I feel with awakened senses the healing of my fears

I resolve to act upon the truths revealed and embrace the challenges of that active Will

I embody the wisdom that is being gifted to me and allow it to find its space of resonance

My spirit awakens to the gift of my Higher SELF in collaboration with my continued growth…


How has this gone for you?

Change is never a comfortable prospect. And, allowing yourself to experience all of your being, good – bad and indifferent is an additional layer of discomfort. The truth however, is that discomfort is the birthing space of what can be transformative in all of your endeavors.

There is not really much more that I can say. Now the work is yours to continue if you choose. I invite you to celebrate all of the work you have embraced as points of deeper inspiration, action, heart, body and ultimately Spirit.

A Ritual of Re-dedication of s/SELF

I invite you to join me in a ritual of re-dedication of You and your greater work. This is a simple ritual that may (and should) be repeated with each rebirthing you experience as the ongoing work of your spiritual/magickal practice.

What you need:

1/Candle – any color or type that you feel a resonance with and lighter;

An object of your choosing that represents your spiritual/magickal path;

A cup/chalice of water (you will drink this)

A tabletop or altar to place your items;

A journal and writing tool;

Printed copy (or physical item) of a Pentagram

A quiet space where you will not be disturbed to perform this rite.

  • Arrange your items on the surface of your working space.
  • Begin by creating sacred space in whatever way aligns with your practice.
  • Call any Deities, or others whom you wish to stand as witness to this rite. This may also include any beloved Ancestors-It is Samhain after all.
  • Stand in front of your altar and speak your name aloud several times-always beginning with I AM. Allow the energetics of that speaking to settle in and surround you.
  • Take up your candle and speak into it all that you are and how you would be known in all the parts of yourself. Allow each iteration to fill the energetics of the candle, flowing from your spoken word to it. Begin in this way…

I AM Mind… add to this how you perceive yourself as mind

I AM Will… add to this how you perceive yourself as Will

I AM Knowingness… add to this how you perceive yourself as the intuitive waters

I AM Manifest Form add to this how you perceive yourself as corporeal form

  • When complete and you feel the density of what you have placed into the candle, light it and place it centrally within (or on top) of the Pentagram.  Make this declaration…

This is the space of coalescing all that I perceive of myself in all of my parts

  • Take up the glass/chalice of water and holding it speak into the waters all that you have become and will continue to birth in all of the parts of yourself. Allow each iteration to fill the energetics of the water, holding the memory and imprint of your intentions. Begin in this way….

I AM Divine and Manifest Mind… add to this how you will continue the work of claiming this in your manifest and spiritual forms

I AM Divine Will catalyzing a will of Manifest Action… add to this how you will continue the work of claiming this in your manifest and spiritual forms

I AM Divine Knowingness and Manifest Emotion… add to this how you will continue the work of claiming this in your manifest and spiritual forms

I AM the Manifest Form of My Divine Nature… add to this how you will continue the work of claiming this in your manifest and spiritual forms

  • When complete and you feel the density of what you have placed into the water, slowly drink what you have enlivened.   Set the now empty glass down and make this declaration…

As these waters of intention flow I embrace them in all parts of myself.

  • Pick up the object that you chose as representing your path of practice. Holding it, make this oath of declaration….

By my words of creation I fill this object with promise of stepping into my power of Highest purpose. I fill this object with the promise of the work I will continue of self awareness in all of my parts. I fill this object with my oath to myself to walk my path with integrity and right action and with this oath I am renewed in the rebirthing of MYSELF.


Take some time before you dismiss and ground your sacred space to journal whatever arises for you and to fully absorb the new energetic signature of your making.

Blessed Be and Happy Samhain!

Tomorrow: A Final Post-Samhain Writing

In the Aura of the Full Moon in Taurus and Lunar Eclipse

About themagickalpen

Robin Fennelly is an Elder within The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition and also serves as High Priestess of Coven of the Mystic Path. She teaches and facilitates classes for the Pagan Experience Study Group that serves as foundation for membership within Coven of the Mystic Path. Her spiritual journey is strongly rooted in both Eastern philosophy and theWestern Magickal systems from which she has formed a core foundation that is diverse in knowledge and rich in spiritual practice. A life-long learner, her practice has evolved from the classical and philosophical teachings of books, practical experience and enrichment of this knowledge base by attending workshops of various spiritual traditions presented by master teachers. Robin formally came to the Wiccan path in 1994. Following practice as a solitary for 2 years, she dedicated to Oak and Willow Coven of The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition in November of 1996. She received her 1st, 2nd and finally 3rd degrees within the Assembly Tradition. As a teacher of esoteric and magickal studies she has used Energetic Anatomy, Tarot, Astrology, Hermetic Qabala, Eastern Philosophy, and Numerology as the foundations of her diverse selection of workshops and writings for more than 25 years. Exploration of varied energetic protocol has been the focus of her work for some time now and the information gained through direct experience informs all of her magickal and spiritual work. Robin’s writings have been featured online, and in print Internationally. She has authored several books incorporating her unique style of writing making use of poetry, prose and pathworking to enhance the concepts presented. She has taught extensively throughout the Pagan community, including Sacred Space Conference, Spring Magick, Between the Worlds Interfaith Conference and Free Spirit Gathering Festival this Summer. Her most recent project is hosting an online blogging community entitled The Pagan Experience. Robin is the owner of Holistic Embrace providing services for mind, body and spirit such as Tarot readings, Astrology reports, Spiritual Guidance and other related offerings. She lives in Eastern Pennsylvania and her life is blessed by a 43-year marriage, five children and the opportunity to work in the field of public education. Robin's esoteric writings can be found on her blogs.
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