14-Days of Samhain: Day Eight

The Eagle’s Light in A Visionary Moon

November 1.20222

Sun in Astrological Scorpio

Waxing Moon in Astrological Aquarius

Today, we are going to revisit the energy of the Samhain solar tides of astrological Scorpio and the First Quarter Waxing Moon of astrological Aquarius.

As we engage in the work of today, and being ever-mindful of the intention of using the gifts of Samhain’s energies for personal transformation, I invite you to begin with these declarations:

I see with the clarity and precision of the Eagle, exact and purposeful in the beating of its wings as it selects its prey of nourishment

I allow to arise the waters of wisdom that are poured onto the thirsty ground of my understanding

I trust the emptiness that creates the space for my Spirit to soar in ecstasy

I move with intention towards those actions that affirm my calling to the Phoenix that renders new form

… and…

I become the vessel of discernment that is in dialogue with all parts of my Being.

The Fixed Nature of Water and Air

Having arrived nearly at the mid-point of Scorpio’s solar month, it is time to consider the second form that Scorpio’s energy expresses-that of the Eagle. As we moved towards the date of Samhain marked as October 31st. our intentions have flowed in accord with the darker nature of this season that allowed for time to reach deeply into the instinctive nature of the scorpion. And, having navigated these metamorphic changes, we are ready to soar and on winged flight see from a different perspective honed by the keen awareness of the Eagle.

In the afterglow of last night’s celebrations, the Lunar tides now stand within the Fixed airiness of astrological Aquarius. The first day of November heralds the First Quarter moon, waxing towards its fullness on November 8th in astrological Taurus, the day after astrological Samhain on November 7th. As a side note all three (3-Aquarius – Scorpio and Taurus) of these energies are Fixed (aka. synthesizing and coalescing) signs.

Additionally if we consider the alchemical elements attributed to Scorpio and Aquarius, we see similarity in their nature as those of ebb and flow-currents of water-currents of air. Here we have the opportunity to ensure that our intentions will be distributed far and wide-carried within the intuitive nature of our Being (water) and on the breath of what we offer spoken and exhaled out (air).

The Eagle’s Light in A Visionary Moon

Our work during these 14-days leading up to astrological Samhain has been one of engaging the five points of alchemical/magickal nature aligning with the potency of Samhain’s grace. We have been working to activate inspired mind-the deep gnosis of heart-the catalytic Will-the blessings of manifest form and call all together with a newly refined and informed Spirit.

As we access the Eagle within our spiritual nature we are calling to those aspects that rise above the perceived limitations of the darkened and cold ground-the home of the scorpion and the reactive nature when we are blind to our truths. We see precisely and keenly what are goals are and elevate to the heights those aspirations to become surveyor of all that lay beneath.

Allowing the space of flight into those realms of command of the higher self opens the pathways to a vision of our place within the greater whole and our gifts to and from the collective spirit of all humanity. We pour out the waters of our devotional offerings holding the intention of healing for all concerned and, most importantly become the creators of a newly formed vessel open to the receipt of new experience. Remember, that the empty space of Aquarius’ urns are the synthesizing containers for new energy to flow within-for change-for growth-for reaching beyond what we thought was our only course of potential.

How will I honor my gifts of creation and my birthrite of visionary transformation?

Tomorrow’s Post:  The Samhain Tree

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14-Days of Samhain: Day Seven

Happy Halloween From ALL of Me!

October 31.20222

The air is dense and thick
As my ancestors crowd in.

The veils have thinned and
Samhain's gate lay open to
Welcome those newly crossed on
And those who wish to commune.

All of my Being is alert and
The bounty of gifts received 
From this final harvest are
Rich and deep in potential.

I move through this day that 
In many ways is just as another.

I think I have felt these
Energies surrounding me 
Often before.

I feel myself reaching out
Expanding and weaving a newly
Crafted signature of light and dark. 

The air is dense and thick
As my ancestors crowd in and 
On this day when the liminal 
And the finite embrace...

I claim a mantle of integration 
And boldy declare...

Happy Halloween From ALL of ME!

Today marks the more traditional date for celebration of Samhain, aka. Halloween. The ancestors walk beside us and the reminder is one of the inter-weavings of our manifest nature and that of our spiritual being. The posts I have written for this year speak to integration of all aspects of who you are and bring “all” of you into presence.

The Gift of the Body

0n this date when the Spirits more palpably walk among us, I will offer gratitude to the manifest form of my body that bridges the liminal space of form and formlessness.

Move and dance. Stir up the energy around you. Let your physical presence be known. Walk in a space of nature and acknowledge the spirit of place and the energy of life within Fall’s spectre of decay. Acknowledge the beating of a heart that has known love and sorrow and whose wisdom of lessons learned have shaped who you are as a manifest being. 

The Inspired Mind

On this date of Samhain when inspiration is within the communion with my Ancestors, I will craft and create a new way of being that more fully serves who I am and who I wish to BE.

Today we become the inspiration that those of future generations will call to when we become the ancestors of wisdom.  What do you envision for yourself that will serve the spiritual alignment you seek? How will you pay it forward with the many blessings of the ancestors that you have received? How will you honor the beloveds who are still with you in this plane of the living?

The Purpose-filled Will

On this date when Deity stands ready to receive the offering of my devotion, I will stand in the darkness and become the active force that moves towards the Lantern of wisdom.

Today we may lay claim to what we desire of our Highest nature and call to those Divine Beings who may aid and witness this transformation. Call out to those whom you call patron and ally. Call out to those who you have engaged in reciprocity of devotion and awakened awareness of who you truly are in all of your parts-manifest and divine. Find the comfort in the dark shadows of your nature as you call forth the light that seeks its mate.

The Intuitive Heart

On this day of Samhain’s gate of opening, I will seek and open to a more intuitive space of understanding and make use of the gifts of its offerings towards my Highest good with harm to none.

For many one of today’s activities will include some form of divination as means of connecting with the energy and potency of today. The Moon is in the visionary astrological sign of airy Aquarius  and its ability to see far and access with clarity the desired course of action will support your efforts in this water scrying offering. The image of Aquarius is that of the water-bearer, urns tipped downward as the water drains, leaving the empty space of air for wisdom and creation to arise. These waters from the urns of vision become the waters of scrying and your mind becomes the empty space of receipt for creation to unfold. So, settle in and open this Samhain day to receiving answer to your query…

A Personal Ritual of Scrying appropriate to Samhain’s gifts…

Suggested Audio you may wish to use to accompany your scrying:

Weaving My Ancestor’s Voices by Sheila Chandra
Any quiet and contemplative music that soothes

You will need:

  • Three candles- one for either side of the bowl
  • A dark-bottomed bowl
  • Water
  • A journal and pen
  • A space where you will not be disturbed for approx. 30 minutes

Place the bowl on a surface that is tall enough for you to peer down into it. If you are sitting, use a low table. You want to be able to look from above down into the water. Place two of the candles on either side of the bowl. Place the third candle directly behind the bowl. Pour enough water into the bowl to rise about 2/3rds of the way.

Dim the lights and reposition the candles if necessary so they are not directly reflected in the bow. They should provide back lighting, but not be a distraction. Take a few deep breaths, acknowledging your physical body in the space of your choosing and the surroundings. Take several more deep breaths, now envisioning that your space is filled with peaceful energy and that only that which is positive and for the highest good for all will be held within.

Take another deep breath- if you have chosen a piece of music to accompany this session begin it now- and quiet your mind and any distracting thoughts. Breathe deeply- and hold the intention of allowing your sight to be opened and whatever visions wish to present themselves to fill the energy of the water.

Adjust your gaze as you peer into the bowl. Soften the lids and allow the impressions to flow. Continue to breathe deeply and fully simply remaining open to the experience. Remain in this state of intention for as long as you wish, but no more than 30 minutes.

When you have engaged for some time, begin to restore your clarity of hard focus on the bowl and candles. Offer the space of gratitude to what you have experienced.

Tomorrow’s Post:  The Eagle’s Light in A Visionary Moon

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14-Days of Samhain: Day Six

At the Heart of the Matter

October 30.2022

The work that you choose today will set the stage for how you will navigate the accumulated thought forms of traditional Samhain (aka. Halloween). I am returning to a staple post that I have used consistently on October 30th and that of standing at Hecate’s crossroads.

The Gnosis of A Courageous Heart

Today’s intention is held in the space of heart and the deep awareness that is available to you as you dive deeply into the nexus of your knowingness. I invite you to stand in the healing waters of these declarations:

I am cradled in the courage of surrender to my highest heart

I am carried on the tides that ebb and flow in truth, illusion and the polarized lessons of each

I willfully engage that which I am most uncomfortable with

I clearly see that which is the resolution of my creative heart


My spirit arises as the seas of time undulate and the undercurrent pulls

Me into the depths of my own Divine abyss

On this most sacred of days there is limitless potential to begin the journey of path back to a heart of intelligence, grace, judicious action and connection to the heart beat of all Beings-past, present and future. Courage is the buzzword and when we falter in moving forwards, the tsunami of unproductive emotional dross rises as Hecate’s hounds move with purpose….

Hecate’s Hounds Nip at Your Heels

The Hounds nip at my heels as I move through 
the dark veil of Samhain Night.

I breathe deeply feeling the pain of sharp teeth and 
hot breath as grateful reprieve comes as winged 
feet take flight soaring and carrying me upward.

Time pulls at my back drawing me down 
into a descent of shadow and light. 

I breathe deeply and feel the strain of 
forward momentum gaining speed and clarity 
shatters the fetters of illusion.

Thoughts gather and commune in
my mind each measured by scale of
will and intent as the breath of death
and decay swirls around me .

The Hounds nip at my heels
still running at fevered pace
my breath coming in shortened
gasps and heart that beats
like syncopated drumming.

The Hounds nip at my heels
coming closer still until
I offer up my dues and surrender
to the renewal of rebirth
returning to manifest life
with Hounds laying
obediently at my feet.

The Hounds of Hecate nip at your heels as you step with courage onto the liminal space of the crossroads. In this instance I would metaphorically use “hounds” as a representation of the depth of doubt and barrier that have been created within your own space of intuitive gnosis. Regardless of whether you embrace these bit(e)s of emotion the gift of your innate knowingness is ever present. These are the hounds that move you from the inertia of comfort in stagnant waters of your making and drive you onto the paths of the crossroads, where the true magick of your transformation occurs.

Breathe into these dark spaces and enter with courage and a heart of pure intent. All that we wish to gain mastery over rises to the surface as shadows and specters swirl about us; probing, prodding and pushing us towards our goals of release, wisdom and celebration.

The darkness crowds in and what we believe to be true is opened like the center of a rare and succulent fruit; awaiting the delight and sensual pleasure of consuming. The light flashes and we see the beauty of what awaits our transformation and we arise from the weight of our doubt to embrace Samhain’s gifts as the hounds nip at our heels…

A Meeting at the Crossroads

Now that we have faced the hounds, it is time to stand with courage and strength at Hecate’s crossroads. Call to all those parts of self that will support, uphold and be witness to your stepping into your power…

How will I open myself to the wisdom of the unknown?

How can I actively integrate my fears into these lessons of choice?

How will I create a purposeful resonance between the physical and etheric forms of my being?

How will I cultivate an intelligence of the heart that speaks to who I AM?


How will I honor the Spirit of my Heart in my future endeavors?

I invite you to join me in a pathworking on the Crossroads.

Click here to access this visual pathworking on my YouTube channel-Journey to the Inner Chamber:

A Meeting at the Crossroads

Tomorrow’s Post: Happy Halloween From All That I Am

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14-Days of Samhain: Day Five

Image: Mystic Sisters Oracle by Emily Balivet
Image:Mystic Sisters Oracle by Emily Balivet

Deep in the Bones

October 29.2022

Today is Day 5 of 14-Days of Samhain posting. In keeping with the numerology* of the number “5”, let’s stir things up and create a deeper connection to the wisdom of our bones….

A popular theme for Samhain is that of skeletons. These represent those who have shed their corporeal forms and moved beyond the veils. They are meant to be spooky and mysterious and although of this manifest plane, also somehow animated by the ephemera of the subtle realms. Today, I would invite you to move deeply into your bones and their wisdom as a living being.

Let’s begin our explorations acknowledging the power and strength of our skeletal foundation and the wisdom held in this organic scaffolding:

My bones echo the clarity defined form

My bones uphold the beauty and grace of my manifest form

My bones power my steps and actions of momentum and rhythm

My bones carry the gnosis of what my heart has experienced

And, when I discard this corporeal form…

My bones will be an imprint of my physical existence

……The Power of Five is Re-Membered in my Bones

The Low Down on Bones

Here is the science of bones excerpted from: Fun Facts About Bones and Joints

•      The human skeleton is composed of around 270 bones at birth – this total decreases to around 206 bones by adulthood after some bones get fused together. 

  • Bones are made up of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and other minerals, as well as the protein collagen.

•     Bones function as the skeleton of the human body, allow body parts to move and protect organs from impact damage. They also produce red and white blood cells.

The skeletal system is the body system composed of bones and cartilage and performs the following critical functions for the human body:

  • supports the body.
  • facilitates movement.
  • protects internal organs.
  • produces blood cells.
  • stores and releases minerals and fat.

The Spirit of the Bones

In spiritual beliefs, bones symbolize many aspects of the individual, both in life and beyond. Bones are the last remaining vestiges of the body after death-thus giving them a sense of immortality of that life despite its no longer being physically present.  Bones serve as the foundation of the human form and so are necessary for the re-animating spirit, should it choose to return. Animal bones can be used as divination tools and……

            …. The use of bones for divination is a common part of many shamanistic rituals. Shamanism is, as Mircea Eliade calls it, an “archaic technique of ecstasy.” Since bones can be reanimated, they play a critical role in the ritual of the death and rebirth of the holy man. Eliade describes a pattern that is found in several cultures:

The skeleton present in the shaman’s costume summarizes and reactualizes the drama of his initiation, that is, the drama of death and resurrection. It is of small importance whether it is supposed to represent a human or an animal skeleton. In either case what is involved is the life-substance, the primal matter preserved by the mythical ancestors. The human skeleton in a manner represents the archetype of the shaman, since it is believed to represent the family from which the ancestral shamans were successively born. … A similar theory underlies the cases in which the skeleton—or the mask—transforms the shaman into some other animal (stag, etc.). For the mythical animal ancestor is conceived as the inexhaustible matrix of the life of the species and this matrix is found in these animals’ bones. One hesitates to speak of totemism. Rather, it is a matter of mystical relations between man and his prey, relations that are fundamental for hunting societies. 1.

To complete the process of rebirth, the initiate must experience a mystical vision in which he imagines his body stripped of its flesh and names and numbers his own bones. The shaman cannot experience rebirth until he “becomes” his skeleton…. 2.

So, how might we access the wisdom of our bones?  Our ancestry is held in our bones. The memories of our physical form engaged in every action, reaction and movement is held in our bones. The shape, form and ultimate scaffolding of how physical expression in this lifetime are held in our bones.  And, just as we may take a calcium supplement to support and bolster bone health, there are contemplative exercises that can be used to enliven, strengthen and awaken the inherent magick in our bones.

The mind and states of consciousness are powerful agents of transformation. The medical community now has data showing the effectiveness of the mind-body connection, contemplative and meditative modalities to heal and maintain health and the profound changes that can occur when we send thoughts and feelings of gratitude into our physiological system. As weavers of magick we have known this to be true for aeons, and as weavers of magick we often neglect the most manifest aspects of our being in using this mind/consciousness-body connection.

Calling to Our Manifest Form

With these “thoughts” and knowledge in mind, I invite you to join me on a journey into our bones. Find a space where you will not be disturbed for approximately 12-15 minutes. Use headphones (for the best experience) and settle in holding the intention of ….

30-Days of Samhain Pathworking: Day Five

Awakening the Bones

Please note that you will be directed to my Bandcamp site for this pathworking:

Teachings on the Path with Robin

* Want to know more about the number “5” and numerology? Check it out here:

0-9: The Esoteric Meaning of Numbers

Numerology: The Art and Science of Numbers-Part One


1. Mircea Eliade, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1972), pp. 159–160.

2.  Mark C. Taylor, PhD. (Religion), Mystic Bones (Chicago:University of Chicago Press, 2007)

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14-Days of Samhain: Day Four

Anchoring in the Spirit of Our Choosing

Today is the fourth day of our countdown. The number “4” represents “Foundations”; and these foundational efforts are what are needed most now. This becomes the space of anchor for us as we navigate our life’s experiences.

I invite you to give consideration to those people and experiences that enrich and support you. Those energies that come rushing in and invigorate and uplift you, and those spaces within yourself where you feel most connected to everything. These are your anchors of foundation.

Let’s begin this exploration offering gratitude to those innate qualities that hold the potential for becoming our anchors of Spirit:

My spirit flows in the power of my manifest form

My spirit moves with a Will that has been forged in the fires of my highest creation

My spirit becomes the arising of the vastness and depth of my intuitive selves

My spirit creates the vision of wisdom that is the exhale of my divine breath

…. And ….

I remain anchored in a Spirit that is malleable and changeable in accord with the aspirations of my evolution back to SELF


The focus today is what we define as Spirit within our being. I love to use the dictionary for definitions of a word as they often will hold layer upon layer of meanings that aptly can be used in practical application. So…

Spirit by definition is …

1: an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms;

2: a: supernatural being or essence:

    b: the immortal SOUL 

3: the immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person

4: the temper or disposition of mind or outlook especially when vigorous or animated

5: the activating or essential principle influencing a person

    b: an inclination, impulse, or tendency of a specified kind 

I realize that at this time of year, in particular during Samhain’s tides, the term “spirit” takes on a meaning that better aligns with the definitions 2:a & b that capture the essence and ephemera of the beloved ancestors who have shed their manifest forms and have passed beyond the veils.  But, for now, I would invite you to turn your focus to the nature of Spirit that is the all-inclusive part of your being that coalesces mind-body-will and heart.

The Spirit of Our Choosing

If we read through the definitions of spirit given above, we find that spirit encompasses many ways of expression. And, the out-picturing of what is essentially an ephemeral state of being is more about what we reveal of our self to the world and how we navigate as manifest beings. The ebb and flow of challenge and joy and our reactions or responses to the “what happens next” are directly related to what portion of our spiritual nature we anchor into.

Spirit as a composite of our Mind – Will – Heart, and Body offers to us the choice of which of these components we will choose as our foundational anchor. Will we choose to intellectualize and use our faculties of mind (and consciousness)?  Will we choose to assert our w/Will? Will we drop into the space of compassion and understanding? Or, will we amplify our physical presence?

In the Spirit of Samhain

When we acknowledge the dynamic change in the “air” that the opening of the veils brings. When we feel more alive because death surrounds us. When we instinctively allow our senses to become more receptive in response to the mysteries of life and death that are in abundance during Samhain, the opportunity to awaken to the resilient nature of our Spirit is there for the calling. And, in that calling the foundational nature of our Spirit; the aspect that is unchangeable and eternal becomes the anchor to hold us steady and strong in our journey to know “thyself”.

I invite you to explore these callings….

The Spirit of Mind creates the space of experience to become the inspiration

The Spirit of Will engages actively in reaching out to the wisdom of the ancestors and using that guidance to create an informed and inspired future

The Spirit of Heart opens to this final harvest of Samhain that becomes the composted wisdom that serves an inspired mind of creation

The Spirit of Body is the Temple that houses the mysteries that are the gnosis of Will divinely inspired and seeded with the bounty of a garden of the Soul.

The Spirit of ALL Bodies is the anchor from which I am transformed and find sacred communion with the Spirits of All worlds…

Tomorrow’s Post: Deep into the Bones

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14-Days of Samhain: Day 3

What Am I Feeling As the World Opens to Death

Today I invite you to explore your feelings and relationship with death.  For many this is one of those more difficult topics, but as manifest beings, it is an unavoidable part of our corporeal life’s experience. We are reminded of the need to honor death in the celebrations of Samhain and Dia de los Muertos. And, we have been morbidly reminded of death as violence has surged within our world.

Each year at this time, I make a silent commitment to being more fully present and alive in my daily activities. This is, in large, my antidote to feeling the pall of death and an active reminder that this state of manifest, physical life will follow the natural order of things and return to the finer state of a non corporeal vessel. Food takes on a deeper level of enjoyment. Family is drawn closer and self-care takes priority over spreading myself too thin. Long walks surrounded by the beauty of Fall exercise my physical body and stimulate and open my senses in a broader way.

Standing on Solid Ground

I invite you to begin today’s work reading and re-affirming the statements offered yesterday. Your responses will organically align with the experiences that arise for you in reading through the explorations of Death….

I see with clarity what requires my breath of resolve

I feel with awakened senses the healing of my fears

I resolve to act upon the truths revealed and embrace the challenges of that active Will

I embody the wisdom that is being gifted to me and allow it to find its space of resonance

My spirit awakens to the gift of my Higher SELF in collaboration with my continued growth…


The intention and call is to be fully present in all of life’s gifts even those that we often choose to numb ourselves to. Death and the subsequent feelings of loss becomes an all-consuming hunger that is fed by our sorrow and grief. It thirsts for our tears of remembrance and is filled only when we give the most treasured of memories served on our finest china.

Loss and a Deeper Opening

During this season of honoring the ancestors and the memories that bring us both pain and joy, loss knocks heavily now and if we are to move forward in the realization that life is a dear and treasured gift of corporeal form, we must answer the call…

You have become a
Familiar companion
Not one of my choosing
For you are never sought out.

Once before you knocked
On my door seeking refuge
Hungry and needing.

The days stretched on
As you were made guest
In my home but you
Faded into the background
As new life came bursting
In a sorrow-filled space.

You stood at a distance
Looking on and watching as
Life transpired and others
Took you in.

There was still the remnant
Of your having been my guest
A reminder that flooded in
Unannounced and overwhelming
In its need for release.

Your imprint tattooed upon
My heart that was revealed
In my gallery of remembered
Sound or word or thought.

You have come once again
Knocking at my door
But this time you beat
Upon it unrelenting in
Desire to seek entry.

And I knowing the ways of
Life and the promises made
In the gifting of that life I
Am bound to let you in.

I know that you will stay
For as long as is needed
To feed your hunger and
To leave your mark.

I will treat you as my
Most treasured guest
And offer to you the
Sweetest of my memories.

For you and I are now one
We share the secrets of the
Ways of life and the surrender

To death’s call and you will
Leave me for another
When the time is at hand.

Once again your room will
Remain readied awaiting the
Next return.

Your parting gift a profound
Reminder of the fragility and
Beauty of Life’s creations and
The admonition to celebrate that
Life and all who stand within it.

For loss is ever present and
When it knocks upon the peace
Of your home you will always
Let it in.

What Intention Will You Hold As Death Crowds Into Life?

Having read through these words, I invite you to hold as intention these gifts of grace to yourself in all of your parts…..

I allow myself the feelings of loss

I allow myself the space to grieve

I allow myself the gift of healing

I allow myself the intelligence of a heart that knows the cycles of ending always flow into those of new beginnings

I allow myself to FEEL

Tomorrow’s Post: Anchoring in the Spirit of Our Choosing

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14-Days of Samhain-Day 2

Embracing the Challenges of the Ancestors

Let’s continue our discussion of the unique layers of expression that astrological Scorpio offers. Our focus today is on the “Scorpion” and one of its many potential alignments with the communications with our ancestors. We remain in the aura of last night’s Scorpio New Moon and today the moon remains for the entirety of the day in Scorpio’s grasp.

The Triune Nature of Scorpio

Scorpio is unique in that it is the only of the twelve (12) astrological signs that expresses itself in three very distinct ways; the Scorpion, the Eagle and the mythical Phoenix. Many mistakenly think of Scorpio as being a Fire sign, rather than water, largely because of its active and catalytic nature. And, this assignation is not that far off, since all of the elements contain within themselves each of the other three (3) as modifiers of their energy, such as Water of Water, Fire of Water, Earth of Water and Air of Water. Think of it this way, the actor (Water) wears different costumes (the other 3 elements moving through the primary element/actor) to portray different characters, archetypes and energies. Underneath it all, the actor (water) remains who and what its dominant and core energies are, but adapts that core to model a portion of what overlays it (one of the other elements).

The Scorpion is earthy and deeply rooted in primal instinct. Its foundation is one survival and this includes remaining hidden in its actions so as not to attract the attention of what would consume it. Earth of Water provides the container for the water to remain or to flow. If the earth container is too rigid, the water will evaporate (survival instinct!) and become stagnant in the process. If the earth provides flexibility, the active flow of the water’s need to move and remain enlivened creates new pathways and the beginnings of a flowing body of healing waters can emerge. You could consider this model as the metaphor for shadow work. That which flows in the deep waters below and carries the sting of the Scorpion, can become the healing waters that stir us to movement in creating new pathways of understanding and intuitive nature.

The Scorpion and the Ancestors

The ancestors do not always have messages that are gentle and benign for us. At times the sting of our ancestor’s message can surprise us… much like the pointed stinger often scorpion erupting from the soil and catching its victim off guard.  

There is a sensitivity and gnosis that is required to navigate the more treacherous grounds of our psyche.  And, how we choose to move forward from that experience determines much about how we will grow in the face of true adversity and challenge. All of which are unavoidable as we walk the path of the seeker. Today’s blessings of outpouring of Scorpio’s waxing Moon and Sun can be maximized to deepen our “powers” of self-awareness and allow the inner knowingness that we all possess to be the voice that speaks our truth.

Asking the Hard Questions…

In the spirit of Scorpio’s more assertive and visceral experience, I invite you to spend some time in asking of your beloved ancestors guidance that may elicit a more challenging response.  I invite you to allow yourself to be open and vulnerable in this experience- trusting and holding the intention that what is received will align with your highest good.

The intention of these next 14 days is to shake things up. To harness the power and underpinnings of Samhains’ deep riches and to allow all of your selves to be open and receptive to the gifts that may be culled from this auspicious time of the year….

A Pathworking of Communion

I invite you to join me in creating the space of asking the hard questions and being receptive to the Ancestors’ replies.

Prepare for this pathworking by giving consideration to seeking guidance around a more challenging issue that you may have been avoiding.  Courageously step into the circle of your ancestors and speak your question. 

As you fully engage in what you are experiencing declare the claiming of your truths….

I see with clarity what requires my breath of resolve

I feel with awakened senses the healing of my fears

I resolve to act upon the truths revealed and embrace the challenges of that active Will

I embody the wisdom that is being gifted to me and allow it to find its space of resonance

My spirit awakens to the gift of my Higher SELF in collaboration with my continued growth…


To Access the Pathworking (audio): The Ancestor’s Cauldron

Tomorrow’s Post: What Am I Feeling As the World Opens to Death

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Welcome to 14-Days of Samhain-Day 1

All days and celebrations of the year are special, but for many Samhain offers the opportunity for deepening connections to the beloved ancestors, to the very overt changes in the seasons of nature and space of awareness for a marking of transition from one year’s cycle of growth. If we offer our intention to our Greater Work within this potent cycle as it flows into the next-death begets life and Spirit calls to Spirit in reciprocity. For some Samhain is considered the start of the Witch’s New Year and a cycle of flow that is ushered in as the culmination of planting, growth and harvest knowing that death heralds the promise of new light at Yule.

Samhain reaches into the darkest parts of our psyche and offers the potential to bring into the light those fiercer aspects that will serve our future growth if we have the courage to claim them.  The veils have thinned and the ancestors and souls who long to impart their wisdom and guidance crowd in as the air becomes dense and thick with the longing for connection once more. This journey is perilous and fraught with shadows or our own making if we choose to embrace the realities of who we are in all of our parts. Clarity of Mind, the gnosis of the Heart, the healing of misplaced will, the acceptance of manifest form and the illuminating of a Spirit that is free of illusion all await those who call to the gifts of Samhain and see beyond the veils and create new traditions of celebrating their Highest SELF.

First Steps On This Journey Of Astrological Samhain’s Countdown

I invite you to hold these statements close to heart and hand as we move through our 14-days.

I celebrate my Mind and its wisdom that is ever being revealed

I celebrate my Heart and its gift of a knowingness that allows me to feel

I celebrate my Will that seeks my temperance and merciful ferocity

I celebrate my Body that expresses my connection to all that I hold dear

I honor my SPIRIT that is ever watchful and

Allow yourself to be open and engaged in what arises for you as you move through each of the days knowing that change is a slow and steady process. And, acknowledge that as you change so too, will your perceptions about all that you are will be transformed as well.

What Is To Come?

This year the posts will be reflective of embracing change in all aspects of our spiritual, magickal and mundane natures.

The number of change and transformation – “5” – can be found in:

The date of the first day of the 14-days:

10.25.2022 reduces to:

8 + 6 = 14 = 1+ 4= 5


The 14 days = 1 + 4 = 5

Five is also the number of the Pentagram and the five (5) traditional alchemical elements, specifically those that are in resonance with the building blocks of our mundane and magickal expressions of self (ves).

A New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse Mark the Beginnings

Today, this first day of our explorations, boasts a New Moon in astrological Scorpio and a Solar Eclipse.  A Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting its shadow on the solar face. This is generally an opportunity to allow for a greater connection between the waters of deep gnosis (Moon) and the fires of Will’s illumination (Sun). When in communication, these flow into the manifest forms (Earth) of being completing a cycle of opening and dialogue within the shadows and brilliance of light held within.

Both the Sun and Moon are in the astrological sign of Scorpio; the archetypal energy of elemental water and the fixed modality. These are the waters that hold the deepest of mysteries that become the keys to unlocking our highest potential for growth. The vehicle is often that of death of what no longer serves self, ego or personality. Scorpio’s nature is one of undeniable transformation and maintaining a healthy flow (which may include shadow work and the feeding of that shadow nature) of all aspects of our emotional state of being.  The fixed quality insures that there will be suitable structure and container for that flow.

Scorpio has three levels of symbology associated with it. The Scorpion who lays hidden and strikes out when irritated, disturbed or threatened is the most common symbol. These are the occult or hidden sides of our emotional nature and also the well from which we draw up our deepest intuitive gifts. The Eagle is the second and offers the elevation of those emotions to a place of perception and broader perspective.  The Eagle soars high above, carried on the flow of air (informed emotions) and from its vantage point can select the smallest of prey. The Phoenix is the third of its Archetypes. This is the mythical and metaphorical bird that has the ability to rise from the ashes of its own destruction, emerging stronger, more refined and renewed.

This New Moon is an opportunity to set a new course. To dive deeply into the waters of emotion that lay hidden and allow a more intuitive way of navigating those dark waters to emerge. That initial burst of energy can be used as you visualize how much more discernment you will have as you make choice of which of these drops of dark waters can be carried into the light and used to form new rivers and streams that will eventually fall from the heights, cascading down as waterfalls. And, most importantly, allow the possibility for change to seep into every cell of your body. The possibility of rising in beauty and power, all because you willingly let drop the guard that held the most useful of those emotions and intuitive gifts to remain hidden.

I invite you to begin this journey with the intention of journaling your experiences. The more engaged and interactive you are with what is crafted within these posts, the deeper your experience will evolve well beyond…. “oh, that’s an interesting bit of information. Wonder what the post will be tomorrow?”

Let’s Awaken the Gift of Samhain’s Transformation

I invite you to set aside some time today to sit with this brief meditation. It will set the tone for what is coming and be a moment of pause between the tasks of the day and spending time on yourself. You may return to this meditation at any time as we move forward and my hopes would be that you may also consider using it in the months ahead as a space of renewal and reminder that we are an ever-changing and evolving creation.

Audio version:

audio-Meditation: The Gift of Transformation


Prepare sacred space in accord with your spiritual path. Find a comfortable position and space where you will not be disturbed. Breathe deeply and fully, settling into the chair or floor on which you are sitting. As you sit in reflection call forth the intent of the Moon and Sun aligned in the Triune of Archetypes.  Call to the space of compassion and will within your being. And, shift the focus of your awareness to your inner landscape.

Envision the dark waters of the emotional self and the light of the sun glowing brightly and strongly within its depths.  See the overlay of the Scorpion in these waters. Breathe deeply into this vision. The surface of the waters moves and the Scorpion rises to its surface pulling up an object impaled on its tail that represents an emotion that has lain forgotten in these hidden waters.  Take a moment to look closely and inspect this object.  What does it stir within you? Ask if this emotion is what is in need of transformation at this time.  If the answer is “no”, place the intent of seeking another into the image of the Scorpion.  If satisfied with response draw this object to you carefully removing it from the Scorpion’s tail.

As you draw the object closer, the waters fade and there is an airiness and light that fills your vision.  You find yourself on the top of a high mountain ridge; the object no longer with you. The sun shines brightly overhead and there is clarity and definition to everything in sight. You breathe deeply into this vision and see directly ahead of you a large Eagle moving towards you.  As it nears you see that it carries something in its talons and when it is directly overhead it gently releases a small object into your open hands. You look down and see that this is the same object you removed from the Scorpions’ tail.  Although it is recognizable, it is somehow different. Once again you inspect it, now making note of the differences.  You can see more clearly now and the initial reactions you had to this object are somehow more defined in purpose and intent.  Take some moments to see this object from a more aware and different perspective.

You breathe into this vision and realize that the sun has gotten much warmer. Each thought and difference you note about this object seems to correspond to a rising of heat around you and within the object itself.  You note that it is getting warmer and place it on the ground; the heat now so intense that you no longer can hold it.  You take a few steps away from the object. It is glowing from the inside, the sun directly overhead and rays of solar energy flaring down and into the object.  You breathe deeply and as you step further away it bursts into flames.  The flames reach high and straight upwards; reds, oranges and yellows coiling around one another in a serpentine flow.  You stand firmly rooted and breathing deeply into this experience and feeling quickened within from its growing and palpable energy.

As you exhale long, fully and with intent-filled breath, the flames recede and in their place you see that the object has been reduced to ashes. You feel unburdened from this clearing away. All residual of attachment you had to any negativity you felt about this symbolic object brought from the depths of dark waters has been purified.  You breathe deeply into this space of lightness and as you exhale, the ashes ignite and from their center a Phoenix arises, wings spread and glorious in its beauty and power. Your eyes meet, and you feel the rebirth within yourself, the heat of enlivened Will and the Strength of your emotional reserve rising in support. Stand for a while in the power of your rebirth and the knowledge that you changed.

When you are ready, breathe deeply into the space of awareness of yourself sitting where you began this meditation.  Offer up thanks to the powers of Moon and Sun and the gifts of their understanding and enlivening.  Breathe deeply shifting your awareness to the rise and fall of your chest and the physicality of your being.  Offer up thanks for the vessel of your manifest form and the earth upon which you may live to the fullest of your potential.  Gently flutter your eyes open and be fully present.

Tomorrow’s Post: Embracing the Challenges of the Ancestors

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It’s Almost Time….

2022 marks the sixth year of 30-Days of Samhain! And, it is time to change things up. We are celebrating 14-Days of Samhain this year and the power of “five”. More about that later…

Timeline 2022:

Day One begins on October 25th and Day Fourteen ends on Astrological Samhain, November 7th.

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The Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces-What Do You Want to Manifest?

9:43am (ET)

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