30 Days of Samhain: Day Two

The (basic) Astrology of Samhain

The astrological imprint of Samhain is one of an energy of mystery, intuitive gifts, secrets, passion and more. The solar month of Scorpio holds the space for the parting of the veils and the celebration of Samhain on either date, October 31st or November 6-7th. Scorpio is a Water sign of the Fixed modality, and is also the only astrological sign that has three (3) levels of experience available to it. All of these attributes very juicy for the hallows of Samhain.

The traditional assignation of the Scorpion to Scorpio as its image is only one of the three forms this sign may take. The other two are that of the Eagle and the Phoenix; giving scorpio layers of dimensional energy that serve this time of interaction with the layers of the veiled worlds and our own. Additionally, Scorpio is of the Water element with access to the emotional and deep intuitive seascapes that call forth visionings and communing by way of divinatory or perceptual tools. This is water that is of the fixed modality, “fixed” indicating the directive towards providing a vessel or container of synthesis for what flows in from those signs of the Cardinal (beginning) modality and what becomes the synthesized expansive Mutable (flexibility) creation of outpouring from its fixed state.

The scorpion as image for Scorpio acknowledges the desire to remain cloaked and hidden in those pursuits and undertakings that would reveal the more vulnerable nature of Scorpio. Prone towards being the silent observer this often gives Scorpio the bad rap of being secretive, deceitful and treacherous (the stinger of the Scorpion that comes as a surprise). Most times the intention is not one of malevolence; rather, it is an intuitive and instinctual response to feeling threatened.

The image of the Eagle as a Scorpio gift heralds the process of synthesis that can occur when you leave the shadows of the scorpion’s den, rise above what you fear and take your place in the fullness of sky and adapt to the keen sight that allows greater discernment and intention regarding where your talons strike. This is also an aspect of being able to responsibly strike out taking only what is needed for sustenance and survival, and nothing more.

And, the final image is that of the Phoenix. Having conquered the fear that develops from cloistering oneself away in the darkness (scorpion) and experienced the freedom of riding the waves of air’s current, what remains is ready to be purified and rendered to ash in the fires of light and be reborn as the bird of flame that can re-form itself as needed.

So, given the dynamics and possibilities of this solar month, Samhain has the additional gift of a solar light that is infused with change and transformation. The Sun’s energy providing the strength and illumination desired to navigate worlds that are a little less brightly lit.

Scorpio is a sign that naturally allows access to those endings and beginnings that mark the cycles of life. Now is the time to practice and open to your psychic perception. Much that normally lay hidden can be more easily perceived now. Reach out to the ancestors, call to that part of you that seeks more clarity and discernment and don’t be afraid to allow the Season of the Witch to ignite within you a new found adaptability and resilience as we enter the winter.

See you tomorrow…

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30 Days of Samhain: Day One

This time of the year, more than any other, is steeped in celebration of the occult. Occult in this sense meaning that which is hidden – although I would add, in plain sight. Spirits, witches, supernatural creatures and being mindful of the convergence of the ancestor’s realm and the living come to life in a tableau that is magickal, mundane and commercial. The penultimate day is October 31st. and the celebration of Halloween, or Samhain as it is commonly known as a spiritual observance.

The name Samhain (pronounced: SAH-win/SOW-in/SAH-wen) is derived from a Gaelic celebration that marked the final harvest. The celebration heralded Winter and the imminent darkness and often lack of stores if the harvest had not been as productive as possible. Death could potentially be waiting for those who found difficulty in surviving the harsh winter. Many who follow the Wheel of the Year use Samhain as the marking point of the (Witch’s) New Year and a time when the veils between the worlds of life and death thin making communication and crossing more accessible.

Halloween, or “Hallowed Eve” is traditionally observed on October 31st; the eve before All Saint’s Day or Hallowmas observed in the Catholic Church. Samhain also heralds the start of Dia de Los Meurtes, celebrated throughout Mexico and ends on November 2nd. A more ancient version of Samhain’s timeline is an astrological marker of mid-point between the autumnal equinox and the Winter Solstice and falls somewhere between Nov. 6-8th (Northern Hemisphere).

Our coven uses the astrological date of Samhain as our celebration. So, with that thought in mind, the 30 days of Samhain will take you on a daily journey of thoughts, info, pathworkings, ritual ideas and more through November 6th into just after midnight on November 7th. , this year’s astrological date is:

November 7.2019   12:14p.m. (EST)

More tomorrow…

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It’s That Time of the Year: 30-Days of Samhain Begins Tomorrow

Please join me in our annual countdown to astrological Samhain. This year astrological Samhain falls on November 7th. I’ll be updating as we move through the daily posts and adding a few bonus surprises as well. 

Day One begins tomorrow, Wednesday, October 9th…. See you soon

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A Temporary Rest for Recovery!

Dear Followers..

Please be patient for new posts. Two-weeks out from a total hip replacement but on the mend and soon back to posting and sharing. In the meantime, there is plenty to read in the archives. Enjoy!

Blessings …Robin

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Celebrating the Solstice!

The Great Wheel has turned once again and the longest day, the Summer Solstice, offers opportunity to stand in the heat of Solar Flame, cast the strength of our Inner Sun into the spotlight and bask in the expansive culmination of the prior months’ hard work and efforts.

This is the time in the Great Year that I call on the Fires of the Goddess in all of her power and strength. She is raw and visceral. Palpable and the shadows that she casts are far reaching and soothing in their transformative directive. She is the ebb and the flow. The expander and the contractor of what I allow to flow from her bounty.

We can use this dynamic of energy to call forth our Inner Sun and the energetic changes that have occurred in concert with the increasing of the outer sun’s strength and have brought us to this midpoint of peak. To consciously engage the energy of the Solstice as a tool for enlivening our inner light is similar to the pulling back and tautness of the slingshot band forming its own state of temporary imbalance in order to send the stone straight, steady and fully propelled on its intended course. It is the tipping of the scales towards one extreme of expansion before the necessary contraction that draws all into a state of equilibrium and (temporary) balance at the equinox. Read more here and access he ritual…

The Summer Solstice: A Day of Awakening!

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The Longest Day! The Deepest Healing…

Happy Solstice!

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

Summer Solstice
11:54a.m. (EDT)

Waning Moon in Aquarius

Sun Transits into Astrological Cancer
11:54a.m. (EDT)

Neptune Retrograde in Astrological Pisces (d. Nov. 27th)
10:36a.m. (EDT)

Tomorrow morning we welcome the Summer Solstice and the longest day before light gives way to darkness. There is a lot going on with the solar transit into Cancer and a Neptune Retrograde that will remain through November 27th. The Moon wanes in astrological Aquarius and we are already in the throes of Jupiter (Sagittarius), Saturn (Capricorn) and Pluto (Capricorn) Retrogrades taking hold in April. Everybody wants in on the party and everyone wants to be the focus of attention. So, what to do with all of this palpable energy?

To begin with, just breathe! Take a load off and if you are able and the weather accommodates, spend some quality time outside tomorrow reveling in the light. Better yet, find a natural setting-beach, woods…

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A New Writing Project!

The Magickal Pen

Check out my book review on Spiral Nature magazine. Next one will post later this month. Enjoy!


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