Welcome to 14-Days of Samhain-Day 1

All days and celebrations of the year are special, but for many Samhain offers the opportunity for deepening connections to the beloved ancestors, to the very overt changes in the seasons of nature and space of awareness for a marking of transition from one year’s cycle of growth. If we offer our intention to our Greater Work within this potent cycle as it flows into the next-death begets life and Spirit calls to Spirit in reciprocity. For some Samhain is considered the start of the Witch’s New Year and a cycle of flow that is ushered in as the culmination of planting, growth and harvest knowing that death heralds the promise of new light at Yule.

Samhain reaches into the darkest parts of our psyche and offers the potential to bring into the light those fiercer aspects that will serve our future growth if we have the courage to claim them.  The veils have thinned and the ancestors and souls who long to impart their wisdom and guidance crowd in as the air becomes dense and thick with the longing for connection once more. This journey is perilous and fraught with shadows or our own making if we choose to embrace the realities of who we are in all of our parts. Clarity of Mind, the gnosis of the Heart, the healing of misplaced will, the acceptance of manifest form and the illuminating of a Spirit that is free of illusion all await those who call to the gifts of Samhain and see beyond the veils and create new traditions of celebrating their Highest SELF.

First Steps On This Journey Of Astrological Samhain’s Countdown

I invite you to hold these statements close to heart and hand as we move through our 14-days.

I celebrate my Mind and its wisdom that is ever being revealed

I celebrate my Heart and its gift of a knowingness that allows me to feel

I celebrate my Will that seeks my temperance and merciful ferocity

I celebrate my Body that expresses my connection to all that I hold dear

I honor my SPIRIT that is ever watchful and

Allow yourself to be open and engaged in what arises for you as you move through each of the days knowing that change is a slow and steady process. And, acknowledge that as you change so too, will your perceptions about all that you are will be transformed as well.

What Is To Come?

This year the posts will be reflective of embracing change in all aspects of our spiritual, magickal and mundane natures.

The number of change and transformation – “5” – can be found in:

The date of the first day of the 14-days:

10.25.2022 reduces to:

8 + 6 = 14 = 1+ 4= 5


The 14 days = 1 + 4 = 5

Five is also the number of the Pentagram and the five (5) traditional alchemical elements, specifically those that are in resonance with the building blocks of our mundane and magickal expressions of self (ves).

A New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse Mark the Beginnings

Today, this first day of our explorations, boasts a New Moon in astrological Scorpio and a Solar Eclipse.  A Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting its shadow on the solar face. This is generally an opportunity to allow for a greater connection between the waters of deep gnosis (Moon) and the fires of Will’s illumination (Sun). When in communication, these flow into the manifest forms (Earth) of being completing a cycle of opening and dialogue within the shadows and brilliance of light held within.

Both the Sun and Moon are in the astrological sign of Scorpio; the archetypal energy of elemental water and the fixed modality. These are the waters that hold the deepest of mysteries that become the keys to unlocking our highest potential for growth. The vehicle is often that of death of what no longer serves self, ego or personality. Scorpio’s nature is one of undeniable transformation and maintaining a healthy flow (which may include shadow work and the feeding of that shadow nature) of all aspects of our emotional state of being.  The fixed quality insures that there will be suitable structure and container for that flow.

Scorpio has three levels of symbology associated with it. The Scorpion who lays hidden and strikes out when irritated, disturbed or threatened is the most common symbol. These are the occult or hidden sides of our emotional nature and also the well from which we draw up our deepest intuitive gifts. The Eagle is the second and offers the elevation of those emotions to a place of perception and broader perspective.  The Eagle soars high above, carried on the flow of air (informed emotions) and from its vantage point can select the smallest of prey. The Phoenix is the third of its Archetypes. This is the mythical and metaphorical bird that has the ability to rise from the ashes of its own destruction, emerging stronger, more refined and renewed.

This New Moon is an opportunity to set a new course. To dive deeply into the waters of emotion that lay hidden and allow a more intuitive way of navigating those dark waters to emerge. That initial burst of energy can be used as you visualize how much more discernment you will have as you make choice of which of these drops of dark waters can be carried into the light and used to form new rivers and streams that will eventually fall from the heights, cascading down as waterfalls. And, most importantly, allow the possibility for change to seep into every cell of your body. The possibility of rising in beauty and power, all because you willingly let drop the guard that held the most useful of those emotions and intuitive gifts to remain hidden.

I invite you to begin this journey with the intention of journaling your experiences. The more engaged and interactive you are with what is crafted within these posts, the deeper your experience will evolve well beyond…. “oh, that’s an interesting bit of information. Wonder what the post will be tomorrow?”

Let’s Awaken the Gift of Samhain’s Transformation

I invite you to set aside some time today to sit with this brief meditation. It will set the tone for what is coming and be a moment of pause between the tasks of the day and spending time on yourself. You may return to this meditation at any time as we move forward and my hopes would be that you may also consider using it in the months ahead as a space of renewal and reminder that we are an ever-changing and evolving creation.

Audio version:

audio-Meditation: The Gift of Transformation


Prepare sacred space in accord with your spiritual path. Find a comfortable position and space where you will not be disturbed. Breathe deeply and fully, settling into the chair or floor on which you are sitting. As you sit in reflection call forth the intent of the Moon and Sun aligned in the Triune of Archetypes.  Call to the space of compassion and will within your being. And, shift the focus of your awareness to your inner landscape.

Envision the dark waters of the emotional self and the light of the sun glowing brightly and strongly within its depths.  See the overlay of the Scorpion in these waters. Breathe deeply into this vision. The surface of the waters moves and the Scorpion rises to its surface pulling up an object impaled on its tail that represents an emotion that has lain forgotten in these hidden waters.  Take a moment to look closely and inspect this object.  What does it stir within you? Ask if this emotion is what is in need of transformation at this time.  If the answer is “no”, place the intent of seeking another into the image of the Scorpion.  If satisfied with response draw this object to you carefully removing it from the Scorpion’s tail.

As you draw the object closer, the waters fade and there is an airiness and light that fills your vision.  You find yourself on the top of a high mountain ridge; the object no longer with you. The sun shines brightly overhead and there is clarity and definition to everything in sight. You breathe deeply into this vision and see directly ahead of you a large Eagle moving towards you.  As it nears you see that it carries something in its talons and when it is directly overhead it gently releases a small object into your open hands. You look down and see that this is the same object you removed from the Scorpions’ tail.  Although it is recognizable, it is somehow different. Once again you inspect it, now making note of the differences.  You can see more clearly now and the initial reactions you had to this object are somehow more defined in purpose and intent.  Take some moments to see this object from a more aware and different perspective.

You breathe into this vision and realize that the sun has gotten much warmer. Each thought and difference you note about this object seems to correspond to a rising of heat around you and within the object itself.  You note that it is getting warmer and place it on the ground; the heat now so intense that you no longer can hold it.  You take a few steps away from the object. It is glowing from the inside, the sun directly overhead and rays of solar energy flaring down and into the object.  You breathe deeply and as you step further away it bursts into flames.  The flames reach high and straight upwards; reds, oranges and yellows coiling around one another in a serpentine flow.  You stand firmly rooted and breathing deeply into this experience and feeling quickened within from its growing and palpable energy.

As you exhale long, fully and with intent-filled breath, the flames recede and in their place you see that the object has been reduced to ashes. You feel unburdened from this clearing away. All residual of attachment you had to any negativity you felt about this symbolic object brought from the depths of dark waters has been purified.  You breathe deeply into this space of lightness and as you exhale, the ashes ignite and from their center a Phoenix arises, wings spread and glorious in its beauty and power. Your eyes meet, and you feel the rebirth within yourself, the heat of enlivened Will and the Strength of your emotional reserve rising in support. Stand for a while in the power of your rebirth and the knowledge that you changed.

When you are ready, breathe deeply into the space of awareness of yourself sitting where you began this meditation.  Offer up thanks to the powers of Moon and Sun and the gifts of their understanding and enlivening.  Breathe deeply shifting your awareness to the rise and fall of your chest and the physicality of your being.  Offer up thanks for the vessel of your manifest form and the earth upon which you may live to the fullest of your potential.  Gently flutter your eyes open and be fully present.

Tomorrow’s Post: Embracing the Challenges of the Ancestors

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Robin Fennelly is an Elder within The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition and also serves as High Priestess of Coven of the Mystic Path. She teaches and facilitates classes for the Pagan Experience Study Group that serves as foundation for membership within Coven of the Mystic Path. Her spiritual journey is strongly rooted in both Eastern philosophy and theWestern Magickal systems from which she has formed a core foundation that is diverse in knowledge and rich in spiritual practice. A life-long learner, her practice has evolved from the classical and philosophical teachings of books, practical experience and enrichment of this knowledge base by attending workshops of various spiritual traditions presented by master teachers. Robin formally came to the Wiccan path in 1994. Following practice as a solitary for 2 years, she dedicated to Oak and Willow Coven of The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition in November of 1996. She received her 1st, 2nd and finally 3rd degrees within the Assembly Tradition. As a teacher of esoteric and magickal studies she has used Energetic Anatomy, Tarot, Astrology, Hermetic Qabala, Eastern Philosophy, and Numerology as the foundations of her diverse selection of workshops and writings for more than 25 years. Exploration of varied energetic protocol has been the focus of her work for some time now and the information gained through direct experience informs all of her magickal and spiritual work. Robin’s writings have been featured online, and in print Internationally. She has authored several books incorporating her unique style of writing making use of poetry, prose and pathworking to enhance the concepts presented. She has taught extensively throughout the Pagan community, including Sacred Space Conference, Spring Magick, Between the Worlds Interfaith Conference and Free Spirit Gathering Festival this Summer. Her most recent project is hosting an online blogging community entitled The Pagan Experience. Robin is the owner of Holistic Embrace providing services for mind, body and spirit such as Tarot readings, Astrology reports, Spiritual Guidance and other related offerings. She lives in Eastern Pennsylvania and her life is blessed by a 43-year marriage, five children and the opportunity to work in the field of public education. Robin's esoteric writings can be found on her blogs.
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