30-Days of Samhain 2021: Day Two

The (basic) Astrology of Samhain

The astrological imprint of Samhain is one of an energy of mystery, intuitive gifts, secrets, passion and more. The solar month of Scorpio holds the space for the parting of the veils and the celebration of Samhain on either date, October 31st or November 6-7th. Scorpio is a Water sign of the Fixed modality, and is also the only astrological sign that has three (3) levels of experience available to it. All of these attributes very juicy for the hallows of Samhain.

The traditional assignation of the Scorpion to Scorpio as its image is only one of the three forms this sign may take. The other two are that of the Eagle and the Phoenix; giving scorpio layers of dimensional energy that serve this time of interaction with the layers of the veiled worlds and our own. Additionally, Scorpio is of the Water element with access to the emotional and deep intuitive seascapes that call forth visionings and communing by way of divinatory or perceptual tools. This is water that is of the fixed modality, “fixed” indicating the directive towards providing a vessel or container of synthesis for what flows in from those signs of the Cardinal (beginning) modality and what becomes the synthesized expansive Mutable (flexibility) creation of outpouring from its fixed state.

The scorpion as image for Scorpio acknowledges the desire to remain cloaked and hidden in those pursuits and undertakings that would reveal the more vulnerable nature of Scorpio. Prone towards being the silent observer this often gives Scorpio the bad rap of being secretive, deceitful and treacherous (the stinger of the Scorpion that comes as a surprise). Most times the intention is not one of malevolence; rather, it is an intuitive and instinctual response to feeling threatened.

The image of the Eagle as a Scorpio gift heralds the process of synthesis that can occur when you leave the shadows of the scorpion’s den, rise above what you fear and take your place in the fullness of sky and adapt to the keen sight that allows greater discernment and intention regarding where your talons strike. This is also an aspect of being able to responsibly strike out taking only what is needed for sustenance and survival, and nothing more.

And, the final image is that of the Phoenix. Having conquered the fear that develops from cloistering oneself away in the darkness (scorpion) and experienced the freedom of riding the waves of air’s current, what remains is ready to be purified and rendered to ash in the fires of light and be reborn as the bird of flame that can re-form itself as needed.

So, given the dynamics and possibilities of this solar month, Samhain has the additional gift of a solar light that is infused with change and transformation. The Sun’s energy providing the strength and illumination desired to navigate worlds that are a little less brightly lit.

Scorpio is a sign that naturally allows access to those endings and beginnings that mark the cycles of life. Now is the time to practice and open to your psychic perception. Much that normally lay hidden can be more easily perceived now. Reach out to the ancestors, call to that part of you that seeks more clarity and discernment and don’t be afraid to allow the Season of the Witch to ignite within you a new found adaptability and resilience as we enter the winter.

The Astrology of:

October 6.2021  – Kick off of the Countdown 

Some Planetary Highlights:

  • Sun in Libra
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Retrograde Mercury 

Yesterday was an excellent day to begin our 30-Days of Samhain explorations. The Sun is stationed in astrological Libra; Airy and bursting with the potential to clear away the cobwebs and seek a mind of clarity and balance. This is the space of creation’s gate and the call is one of right mind, right heart and right action.

Mother Moon is standing in the mantle of astrological Scorpio, calling forth the potency of Samhain tide’s energy and depth of intuitive sight. This is a waxing moon still in the 3-day aura of the New Moon in Libra that occurred on Wednesday, October 6th. This gives clue to the abundance of potential for change, new beginnings and being able to incrementally see beyond the veils and reach out to our beloved ancestors.

Mercury, the quintessential planet of communication and adaptability, remains retrograde and the intensity of its scrutiny is being felt in all manner of dealings. Retrograde Mercury in astrological Libra calls the individual to seek a space of harmonious interaction that is intentional and focused on achieving something lasting and beauteous in its nature. The beauty is not one of visage and image, but rather, the beauty that is held in having just enough, being just enough and acknowledging that all actions call to a reciprocity that will either tip the scales negatively or tip them towards growth.

The Waxing Moon is moving us towards the liminal space of the veils and Samhain’s many blessings and gifts of transformative power. Stand strong in the mantle of your own power and be receptive to the opportunities that flow as Mother Moon expands towards fullness.

So, breathe deeply, follow and trust your instincts and call to that which gives you strength and courage as we prepare to weave the magick of Samhain…

Look for “The Astrology Of” section on October 31st and November 6th’s posts!

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