Beltane Blessings!

Lovers reach towards
one another.

Mouth to mouth,
hand to hand.

Bodies pressed
tightly in rapturous embrace.

Lovers dance held
is passion’s sweet embrace.

Each step a garden of
spring flowers left in
foot fall’s place.

Lovers yearn to
see love reflected back
in upturned face.

Two become one
as each holds fast
to their separateness.

Lovers hold the gift
of creation in the
essence and purity
of their Love.

Passion flows into a
call to quicken and awaken
as the greening of the earth is begun.

Life quickens
as HIS passion’s heat
shines down on
HER body of
verdant grace.

The blessings of Beltane’s creation are at hand. We hold the power of creation within our Being and when we are ready we open to..

The Serpent’s Kiss

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