19-Days of Illuminated Darkness: Bonus Post#2

If you’ve been counting down, we are on Day Twelve of 19-Days of Illuminated Darkness. Today’s offering is an audio pathworking entitled A Point of Clarity. In keeping with this theme, please enjoy the poem below….

Snow silently fell
As the wheel it
Turned round.

Darkness cycled its course
The Light lay at hand
Brilliant flames of blue lept
High from sacred inner domain.

Triple flames rise high
And Mother’s sight offers
The solace of quickening spark.
Bring forth the healing Light
Nurture and fiercely protect
The ember that burns brightly.

Gentle bud and tender leaf
Reach high towards
Sun lit sky.
Balance and rest
Bring greenery to life.

Desire flows hotly and
Urges pushes us on.
Light weaves its magnetic
Spell of attraction
Drawing us towards
Lovers sun-kissed embrace.

Solstice light burns
Full and bright.
Apex of potential
Achieved and
Time for turning within
Now close at hand.

Sacrifice and offering
Of harvest Autumn’s
Golds, reds and greens.
Light rests in space of
Gathering and the stores
For winter richly filled.

Place of rest and integration
Balance of human and land
Inner fires carefully tended
As harvest feeds the light
Of soul’s new found worth.

Ancestor and spirit called
Forth by Inner Lamp.
Time to heed the
Hermit’s call as
Flame burns hidden
Deeply within.

The cycle moves forward
And light and dark move
Interwoven hand and hand.
Snow silently falls as the
Great Wheel does turn
Round and round.

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    Please enjoy a poem and audio pathworking for Day Twelve….

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