30 Days of Samhain: Day Thirty and the Final Meeting at the Crossroads

Hecate’s Call
The Silence of the Crone

Waning Moon in Astrological Cancer

Today is the last post of this series, 30 Days of Samhain and with this ending we are ready to meet the Crone, Hecate at the final crossroads. The Moon is waning towards the fourth quarter darkness and today is in the astrological sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon. This is a catalytic water sign that stirs the emotions as the first drops of water/emotions bubble to the surface.

I wait for you at the
Dark waning of the Moon.

I wait at the crossroads
And, my silence reaches
Out to draw you back to me.

I have called to you as
The Maiden who knows
The power of her desire.

I have held out loving arms
To enfold you as only a
Mother can do to comfort
The child that has strayed.

And, now I wait in the power
Of age and wisdom that
Has seen all and can see
The truth or dishonesty that
Spills forth from seeking lips.

I am cloaked in the darkness
But those who have the
Courage to come to me
See the truth of my hidden
Light that burns brightly
With the lantern of time’s
Ancient mystery.

This pathworking is the last of the three about the Triple Goddess Hecate and her gifts expressed through the face of Maiden, Mother and Crone. This is the final journey of the lunar cycle walking the paths with Hecate and seemed an appropriate ending to our 30 Day exploration of Samhain’s energy.


To Enjoy the Audio Pathworking
Hecate’s Call
The Silence of the Crone
available on BandCamp: Teachings on the Path with Robin

Final Thoughts:
I hope you have enjoyed these 30 Days and found some things of value for your practice. Aways be mindful that these Sabbats are not isolated events. Each flows one into the other and each becomes a stepping stone of revol(ve)utionary change if we hold their lessons near and dear to our hearts all throughout the year. As the veils close, may the blessings of this season and your ancestors be with you always.

Many blessings on your path…. Robin

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