Overview of the Lesson-3: The Pillar of Manifest Air


A pillar of flow
A pillar of thought
Our mind
Our words
Our creations.

We take what moves freely
As inspiration breathes
Life into our vision.

Communication and invention
Enfold us in deep thought.

It is the space of imagining
Gusty winds sweeping dusty
Corners of mind’s intention.

This pillar of Air
This pillar of Ephemeral Grace
This pillar of my Making
Holds the keys that unlock my
Re-membered Gnosis.

We begin the next phase of our furnishing the practical floor of our Temple of the Wise. We have constructed our Pillar of Manifest Earth and unlocked some of the mysteries of form and Divinity, insight and physical experience.  Within those earthy realms the anchors have been strengthened and all that we thought we knew of foundational effort has been tested and refined to be a more suitable support for the work at hand.

The Pillar of Manifest Air

This month we move on to the next pillar to be created on the ground floor of our temple. In the Hall of the Goddess we will greet Seshat, Goddess of Wisdom and Scribe of Gnosis. In The Hall of the God, we will call to Tehuti, Scribe to the Great Gods and holder of the first knowledge.

The Hall of Celestial Wisdom will offer experience of Mercury, planet of communication in all of its forms and in the Hall of Divination we will begin our studies of the Major Arcana of the Tarot as mind and intuitive sight seek answers.

Digging Deeper

This month’s Digging Deeper page will stimulate the creative mind. Writing prompts, vision quests and other openings will engage the mind of manifestation.

Breathe deeply and fully
Feel the air rushing through.

Step strongly and with purpose
And approach the Great Hall’s door.

The Goddess awaits you
She of writing and wisdom.

Push open the doorway and in
Seeking cross over to stand upon
The floors of your making
In The Hall of the Goddess.

Seshat waits at the threshold
Crowned with Star of Papyrus and pen in hand.

The Hall of the Goddess: Seshat

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