Overview of the Lesson-2: The Pillar of Manifest Earth


A pillar of form
A pillar of strength
Our bodies
Our homes
Our families
Our Life.

We draw from its wisdom
Each step that we take
Muscle and sinew
Wolf and snake.

The foundation
Surrounds us
It is our
Our Home.

This Pillar of Earth
This Pillar of Life
This Pillar of my Making
Holds the keys to my
Divine priceless worth.

We have built the structure of our Temple of the Wise and now it is time to furnish it with the imprint of our learnings and experiences. As we move forward in these lessons, each month will provide the foundations of the elemental pillars and as each of the three floors of experience – Practical – Spiritual and Divine – are created we will be rising in aspiration and knowledge.

These next four months we are accessing the Vision of Practical Experience. This is the ground floor of our Temple and the place of all beginnings for those in manifest form. This will be your space of anchor and grounding as you establish deeper connection to all that makes you human.  This is also the place of entry and greeting of your Temple each time you visit.

The Pillar of Manifest Earth

This month we will begin by filling the Halls we created on the ground floor of our Temple. In The Hall of the Goddess we will meet Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Home and ask her blessing upon this Place of Earth. In The Hall of the God we will call to the Lord of the Hunt and seek his wisdom of the animal kingdom within our earth’s realm.

The Hall of Celestial Wisdom will offer experience of the Greater Earth and in The Hall of Divination we will practice the use of Low Magick to generate manifest prosperity and abundance.

Digging Deeper

Each month’s lesson will also include a page entitled Digging Deeper. Suggestions for practice and ways of opening to the under currents of experience that will flow strongly through all of your new levels of understanding will be provided.

Reading and Resources will be added as appropriate. The emphasis with this course is practical experience within your Temple of the Wise. 

Breathe deeply and fully
Through body and lung.

Step strongly and with purpose
And approach your Earthen door.

The Goddess awaits you
She of hearth haven and home.

Push open the doorway and in
Love cross over to stand upon
The floors of your making
In The Hall of the Goddess
Hestia rises extending a
Welcoming hand.

The Hall of the Goddess: Hestia

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