Researching Your Options


The Practical Work

Anytime we begin a new project, research should be part of your active efforts. This is particularly true of spiritual pursuits. I always tell my students to question what they read or are taught and to remember that no matter how skilled you may feel the author or teacher to be, there is always the filter of their own perceptions, understanding and experience that the material given is being fed through.

Question, search, re-seaerch and be flexible with holding on too rigidly to everything you believe to be true. Understanding and then internalizing what you have come to understand are a long and continually evolving process. Add to this the dynamic of experience as you practice your spiritual and magickal skills, connect with the Divine and go about the Great Work of Spirit and questions will arise as the natural by product of that process. The more questions you have the deeper the research becomes and so the cycle continues that moves you forward.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, let’s apply that questioning and researching concept to the work you have accomplished in building your temple of the Wise. If you’ve not done so already, select a journal to record your progress, questions and the answers you receive by digging deeper. This will be a continual process throughout the remainder of this course of building and you will be amazed in seeing what was recorded and the additional wisdom gained by researching your options.

Write It All Down


Here are some prompts to get you started:

The Statements of Intention…

My Temple will be…..
I am hoping to use this space as….
My favorite Hall will have a focus of….
I am feeling __________ about my Temple…….
The gift I will receive from this creative action is……
The gift I will give to others from this creative action is ……

Add to these any other statements you believe to be true.

Questioning Your Responses….

Now, begin the process of questioning what you wrote to complete these statements. Dig a little deeper into what your words really mean. Could you have stated something different? Make any revisions to the original statements or hold firmly to what you stated.

Researching the Intent….

The next step involves doing a bit of research. Think about what other projects you may have approached in the same way as the building of this Temple. What might you do differently now? Was the outcome successful or should you have had more information and a stronger knowledge base which would have cerated better outcome?

What will you use that worked well in the past? How do you believe this will affect the outcome?

Write It All Down and, most importantly, follow your urge to gather more information that will be in support of crafting the Vision of your Temple of the Wise!

Next Week you will begin Lesson Two and fill your Halls with all manner of Magickal Treasures!

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