Preparing the Land..

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Our last lesson spoke to the power of our mind’s eye fueled by intention and its potential for manifestation in our physical expression. Now, we direct our focus towards what steps are necessary to ensure that the space of our imaginings become fertile ground that is supportive of what we desire. In using the metaphor of building our Temple of the Wise, we are engaging thought, imagery of that thought and a space of creation that encompasses both our spiritual landscape and the accumulative wealth of our manifest teachings.

There are many ways to set to the task of “preparation”. In fact, the very word preparation conjures up many levels of meaning. According to Merriam Webster, “preparation” is defined as…

  • the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration.
  • something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.
  • a substance that is specially made up and usually sold, especially a medicine or food food.

I like these definitions as they indicate the quality of requirement when engaging on preparation of anything. A key component is that of “action”. Not simply thinking about it, but actually having to do the work to accomplish the goal. The actions taken are specific to and intent-filled towards an event or undertaking. This implies a goal that is new- even if it is routine. Even our routine actions are begun as new endeavors every time we engage them. Taking that approach of newness and preparing with the same care and attention we would give the new as we give the old heals our minds and hearts and feeds a soul that hungers to begin again, enlivened by new preparation given.

This attitude is particularly important if we are to build a Temple that has encoded within it a state of always being ready to receive the gifts of new preparation. The gifts of fertile mind. The gifts of action infused and inspired by the teachings and experience we have gathered into every fibre of our being. The loving care and gift of sacred intent as we ready ourselves with preparations that speak to our devotion to the Path and the building of our Temple of the Wise.

We return now to our space of acquisition as we set to the task of preparing the land…..

Sitting in a space where you will not be disturbed, take a moment to make conscious note of your surroundings and the physicality of your being in this space. Gently close your eyes and turn your awareness to the pattern of your breath. Allow your breathing to lengthen and relax into a calm and steady rhythm.

Shift your attention to the space between your brows and the inner screen of your meditative conscious mind. Sit as observer of this screen, taking note of the form of this inner landscape. Now see yourself standing and walking towards this inner screen. A pin- point of cobalt blue light forms just ahead of you and begins expanding in diameter as you walk towards it. When you arrive at the place of being immediately in front of this vibrant blue veil, it has expanded, stretched and opened to become an arched gateway. The faint glimmer of sparkling blue shines within its opening and you feel called to step into this place.
You step through the veiling and find yourself standing in the center of a shaded forest. You close your eyes and breathe in deeply adjusting easily to what surrounds you and finding your anchoring within this space. You take another very deep breath and open your eyes on the soft exhalation and look around. Tall full trees surround you and you can see rays of light flowing delicately through lush full leaves and thick branches.

You look at each tree, now clearly seeing the multiple paths you extended into on your last exploration. You call up the memory of each of these paths and smile as a rush of energy moves through you in recognition of all of their lessons. Your work now, is that of making fertile and strong the mid-point of ground upon which you stand.

You breathe in deeply and note that as you inhale the ground beneath you responds by contracting slightly. You exhale and find that the space seems to expand and push deeper out from its center. You continue this exercise several more times, each effort giving you the deeper connection and confidence needed to establish the boundaries that will become the foundation of your Temple.

Allow your breath to establish its own rhythm and shift your consciousness pulling it down into the very core of your being, just above your naval. This is the space of your solar plexus (Chakra), the inner sun of power that resides within all of us. Breathe into this space, filling it with golden light and feeling the natural heat that begins to flow from its stimulation and stoking. Continue to build this heat of flame and light and when it has become strong, vibrant and clearly palpable, exhale deeply envisioning this golden light spilling into the landscape upon which you are standing. Continue breathing, your breath acting as bellows; each inhalation accumulating more energy and each exhalation pouring this fertile light out the space of your Temple’s foundation.

Look now around you and allow yourself to fully open to the experience of standing upon a ground of golden light. Make note of the life-giving quality of this energy and the quickening of this space of your choosing. You and it are one and it is from your body of light and your intention that fertile space has been lain for the next steps of your building.


Spend some time allowing yourself to anchor more deeply. To envision what the final building of your Temple will be and the pure joy in this moment of first creation. All has been made ready and the fertile ground you have established has been created in all worlds. Your manifest world will begin to see the clearing of what is not needed and productive. Your spiritual world will teem with newly realized “potential”.

As you allow these thoughts to settle into your being, the space of golden preparation begins to slowly fade and the blue veiling of the “between” surrounds you. You breathe deeply, stepping through this veiling and find yourself once again as observer of your inner screen of visioning. The forest has faded, but the memory of the experience and the gift of fertile land floods through you.

Offer up thanks for the wisdom of this journey and breathe into the intent of moving back into your physical state and physical room of beginning. Each breath draws you back into your body and the gentle rise and fall of your chest. And, when you are ready, gently flutter your eyes open and be present in the here and now. Blessed Be!

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