Bonus Post: The Magick of Esoteric Fiction


Teachings about the magickal path can be found in many sources. The most obvious are those of non-fiction that present theory, philosophy and practice. The more occult forms are those that are interwoven in what appear to be fictional works of fantasy writing; but hold the keys to accurate and foundational magickal working. Often this is what initally draws the seeker to the path, albeit, often unbeknownst to the reader.

I would like to share my post this week on The Magickal Pen blog. Primarily, I thought it would be of interest to give example of how a novice fictional writer could weave some of the teachings we have been working with and personal experience into a style that is “hidden in plain sight”. This is an excellent way for you to explore different ways of expressing what you have learned of the Craft and then offer up that knowledge in a way that would appeal to a larger audience. After all, most everyone enjoys fantasy fiction.

So, this is a first adventure into unknown territory for me as well as you. Enjoy!



As she lay in her dreamsleep, X’anyuae could hear the gentle voice in her mind saying “It’s time”. She opened her eyes slowly and sat up, allowing the last bit of dream vision to clear. She did not know how long she had been in the dream Temple but she sensed that it had been several days. Today was the final test she must undergo if she was to be initiated as a Vessel. Read more…

Image: Caitlin Fennelly

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