Meditations on the Elements:Foundations of Practice #2


Begin each of these meditations in the same way:

Turn your focus and attention to your breath. Allow your consciousness to move with the rise and fall of your chest and the filling and release of the lungs. Continue in this manner for several breaths; allowing each to become softer, smoother and slower…

AIRAir Glyph

As you sit quietly in a relaxed state imagine yourself as a leaf being carried by a gentle breeze. You feel the weightlessness of your being and the gentle cradle of a pocket of air that lifts you above the ground. You move slowly and then a gust and burst of sir moves you more quickly as you float gently. The sensation is one of movement and buoyancy; currents of air weaving in and out as they carry you along. You relax even more deeply and enjoy this sense of freedom and lightness. Your breath in rhythm with the air that flows around you. Continue in this imagined state for as long as you wish, knowing that return of attention to your breath will bring you back to the space of physical being.


Fire Glyph

You find yourself sitting in front of a crackling fireplace. The wood is aromatic and the sputters of the flames creates it own background music. The flames rise and fall, dancing and weaving around the logs. Blues at the hottest point of burning and reds and oranges ablaze like the colors of a beautiful sunset. You are mesmerized by the movement of the flames and the many shapes and images that seem to be contained within. You note the transformation of solid piece of wood, to aromatic flame and then to ash; and think of the transformative powers of action and change. Continue to sit looking at the flames and the wisdom of change they offer.


Water Glyph

It is sunset and you are on a beach standing at the edge of the vast ocean. The dusky blue of the sky and the deep blue of the waters in front of you form a tapestry of soothing color. The white peaked waves, foamy and rising and falling as if in syncopation hold your gaze. These are the tides that ebb and flow within you as well. The resonance of your being and the energy and rise and swell of the waters stirs the emotions you hold within. The sheer beauty of the sun setting below the horizon of water’s edge and the anticipation of the rising of the moon bring a yearning and peace that cannot be articulated. Enjoy the beauty of this scene. The smell of the salty air and the rising of the moon reflected on waters of life.


Earth Glyph

You find yourself standing at the base of a giant Sequoia; looking up at a canopy of leaves and network of branches that stretches far into the sky. You can feel the palpable energy of this space and smell the loamy earth, ripe with life. You lean gently against the massive base of the tree and immediately feel the energetic connection between yourself and this grand giant. You can also feel and sense the many sights and years of change this tree has taken in. The connection of sinewy roots interweaving and dipping deep into the belly of the great mother; Gaia. Stand in this way for some time. Drink in the connection and energy pulsing through you and the tree. This is earth. This is your home. And you are steward of it’s care.

And end each of the meditations with:

Move your focus back to your breath. With each breath bring your awareness back to the rhythm of your breath and the rise and fall of your chest. Become aware of the physicality of where you are sitting or laying… your body pressed against cushion, chair or floor.

~ And when you are ready, gently flutter your eyes open ~

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