30 Days of Samhain: Day Thirteen

Waxing Moon in Scorpio
October 20-21.2017

The Moon remains in the astrological sign of Scorpio for the entirety of yesterday and today. I’ve chosen this as a Samhain focus because of the inherent qualities of Scorpio’s energies and the timing of Samhain falling within the solar month of Scorpio; soon to make this transition on October 23rd. Additionally, Mars, the planet of asserting will to action, transits into Libra on the 22nd. giving any movement forward an additional boost of refinement before the Sun kickstarts in Scorpio’s cloak of mystery and magick.

The astrological sign of Scorpio is steeped in the occult nature of things. It is a sign of the Fixed (stability and synthesis) modality that provides a foundational vessel of containment for what enters from Cardinal beginnings and flows from its synthesis into the flexibility of the Mutable.  Scorpio is of the water element, so there is the overlay of emotional seascape as well as an organic ebb and flow (contraction and expansion) that occurs in any space where Scorpio has impact.

Additionally, Scorpio is the only sign of the Zodiacal wheel that is exemplified by three (3) very distinct and evolving symbols; the scorpion-the eagle and the Phoenix. Each rises higher than the next, which means that the capacity of true transformation begins from the depths of a hidden soul and ascends into the rendering down to ash and rebirth of a brilliant soul of light.

Samhain’s magick is one of evolutionary transformation as the veils part and we are offered the briefest interaction with those who have moved beyond the constraints of corporeal form and now see a much larger picture. This interaction , however, does not come without due price in that the seeker must be willing to rise above whatever darkness they themselves feel cloaked within and become the beacon of light that attracts what they most desire- time once again in the company of a loved one.

This season’s gifts of darkness and light are resonant of the Solar Month of Scorpio as the light and strength of the Sun may be transfigured into what is appropriate for what is sought. The scorpion’s energy of burrowing into the soil and laying hidden until provoked is much like the individual who wishes to remain buried within the depths of their darkened den. Neither seeking out the affirmation of the light nor seeking the validation of others, this is a necessary process of coming to know yourself in your deepest and darkest places.

When this is accomplished and the information is assimilated and the truth revealed, you do not fear the world of death and those who inhabit it. And, you realize that even in the darkness there is a light that will draw out what is called when the time is appropriate. Te next stage of transition is that of the Eagle, who having mastered the lessons of the scorpion now has mastery over the skies and is keen of sight.

The breath of water’s emotions that rise and fall as the waterfalls cascading down the heights of the mountain fill the earthen shaped container that provides support. The Eagle soars above and must now use discernment in what it takes as nourishment. The heights offer a light-filled perspective that is panoramic and in carrying this ideal into Samhain’s energies, we are reminded of the promise of life and the need for discernment on the choices we make as the New Year (of the Witch) begins.

In the third aspect of Scorpio’s symbology we have the Phoenix, the mystical creature that burst into flames, renders down to ash and from the ash is reborn, more brilliant than previously. Emerging from the gifts of Samhain we have the potential to reshape and reform whatever we wish. The wisdom that flows from our ancestors and the deities and beings who mark this time of the year is one that has been honed by deep experience and the synthesis of what has been released and what has been taken in.

Scorpio’s waters flow from the depths of gnosis and intuitive sight and we can use these waxing moon Scorpio days to prepare the way for clarity and true sight as we enter the heart of Samhain’s potential. Instinct and intuition will guide you to what you seek as the veils open to reveal the deeper mysteries.

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