30-Days of Samhain 2021 – Index

Time this year has flown by so quickly and I can’t believe we are about to embark on another year of celebrating Samhain. The final harvest calls, the Ancestors await and the veils between the worlds have thinned offering the gifts of healing, transformation and deeper communion with the cycles of nature.

The events of this year have flown by so quickly and I can’t believe we are about to embark on another year of celebrating Samhain. 2021 marks the fifth year of 30-Days of Samhain! The number “5” is one that represents creation, transformation and deep change. With this in mind, the focus of this year’s 30-Days will be one of honoring yourself as well as your ancestors and the many ways in which we change, grow and evolve with each new experience and in particular, with each turning of the Great Wheel of the Year.

In past years we have explored the mysteries of Samhain using a daily format of postings and suggestions to deepen your awareness of this sacred time of the year. This year I’ll also be adding videos, book reviews and bonus content, as well as reposts of favorites throughout the years. The countdown ends with Astrological Samhain on November 6.2021.

Timeline 2021:

Day One begins today, October 8th and Day Thirty ends on Astrological Samhain, November 6th @ 11:50pm (EDT)…date from archeoastronomy.com

Astrological Samhain occurs on November 6th @ 11:50PM (EDT)


October 19.2021 – Book Review – Do I Have to Wear Black-Rituals, Customs and Funerary Etiquette for Modern Pagans by Mortellus

October 21.2021 – Video – Full Moon in Aries Ritual of Devotion

October 28.2021 – Book Review – Dark Goddess Magick: Rituals and Spells For Reclaiming Your Feminine Fire

November 1.2021 – Book Review – Llewellyn’s Little Book of Day of the Dead by Jaime Girones

November 2.2021 – Book Review – The Ultimate Guide to the Witch’s Wheel of the Year: Rituals, Spells & Practices for Magical Sabbats, Holidays & Celebrations by Anjou Kiernan


Please note that pages will become available on the day of reference. Enjoy!

Day One: Ready, Set, Go! 10.08.2021

Day Two: The (basic) Astrology of Samhain 10.09.2021

Day Three: Preparing for the Journey of the Shadow 10.10.2021

Day Four: Videos-13 Days of Walking the Witch’s Path 10.11.2021

Day Five: Deep Into the Bones (+ Pathworking) 10.12.2021

Day Six: The Goddesses of Samhain 10.13.2021

Day Seven: The Gods of Samhain 10.14.2021

Day Eight: Books of the Craft 10.15.2021

Day Nine: Divination-A Comprehensive Resource for Tarot 10.16.2021

Day Ten: The Witch’s Year Tarot Spread 10.17.2021

Day Eleven: Full Moon is Coming! Come Gather Near! 10.18.2021

Day Twelve: What About the Veils? 10.19.2021

Day Thirteen: The Full Moon of Aries and the Maiden 10.20.2021

Day Fourteen: Samhain Incense and Oils 10.21.2021

Day Fifteen: Preparing to Meet the Ancestors 10.22.2021

Day Sixteen: The Ancestor’s Cauldron-A Pathworking of Communion 10.23.2021

Day Seventeen: Opening to Divination 10.24.2021

Day Eighteen: At Death’s Gate-The Labyrinth of the Dark Goddess 10.25.2021

Day Nineteen: The Altars of Samhain 10.26.2021

Day Twenty: Meeting At The Crossroads-A Visual Pathworking 10.27.2021

Day Twenty-One: Hecate-The Sorrow of the Mother Last Qrt Moon in Astrological Leo 10.28.2021

Day Twenty-Two: The Lantern of Truth Tarot Spread 10.29.2021

Day Twenty-Two: VIDEO-The Lantern of Truth Tarot Spread 10.29.2021

Day Twenty-Three: The Hounds 10.30.2021

Day Twenty-Four: All Hallow’s Eve-A Personal Ritual 10.31.2021

Day Twenty-Five: Dia de los Muertos 11.01.2021

Day Twenty Six: Reaching Back 11.02.2021

Day Twenty-Seven: A Celebration of Astrological Samhain 11.03.2021

Day Twenty-Eight: New Moon in Astrological Scorpio 11.04.2021

Day Twenty-Nine: All Paths Lead to YOU 11.05.2021

Day Thirty: What Have You Left Behind and the Silence of the Crone 11.06.2021