30 Days of Samhain: Day Twenty-Four

How I Spent My Samhain

Last night I was honored to lead a ritual of experience and opportunity to commune with those beloveds who have crossed the veil. Our coven traditionally celebrates Samhain on its astrological date as an annular open event. This year my plan was to offer another, very different ritual (from the usual), since October 31st fell on a regular class night. What evolved, was a ritual entitled “Parting the Veils: Calling to the Ancestors”.

The ritual used a complex system of castings as overlays and stabilizers for a central space of using a mirror as the portal between the worlds; candles to light the way and an offering of rum. Guests entered a room of darkness and candle light and stood in anticipation as sacred space was created. I called to the Air of mind that was receptive and fertile ground for inspiration and the Fires of will that would fuel the desire to commune and interact with the beloveds. The sacred Waters were called forth as the depths of intuitive sight and intelligence of the heart would guide the way and Earth, in the form of ourselves became the vessel of beacon for resonance and calling. And, the place of Spirit was awakened within each as we walked between the worlds.

Now that the boundaries of sacred space were constructed the inner space of direct communication was called into presence, providing the gate of opening. The mirror was opened as portal and “skype” of sorts to the other realms and the intended beloved.

Each guest had the opportunity to cross the threshold between the worlds and spend time in communion with their ancestor. A track of trance drum served as the vibrational energetic and also drone into contemplation on your experience.

When all was complete, the mirror was closed and the veils closed as each layer was grounded and released. The tone was reverent as we gathered back in the room where we started this journey and everyone had something to remember from this evening’s work.

The beauty of this type of work is that whatever is called into yourself moves with you as support in the months ahead. This is the gift of Samhain’s energy and the gift of choosing as a part of that celebration to reach back towards those who ave informed and laid the path and foundations of you are now.

As I told the participants last night… Always remember that we honor our ancestors, friends and beloveds who have departed this manifest form with each of our actions. Everything is a thread that reaches back into how they helped us formulate our thoughts, heart , will to action and way in which we physically move through this world. 

To see pictures from the ritual set-up on our FB page..
Parting the Veils: Calling to the Ancestors


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