30 Days of Samhain: Day Twenty-Two

The Hounds nip at my heels
as I move through the dark
veil of Samhain Night.

I breathe deeply feeling the
pain of sharp teeth and hot
breath as grateful reprieve
comes as winged feet take flight
Soaring and carrying me upward.

Time pulls at my back drawing me
down into a descent of shadow and light
I breathe deeply and feel the strain of
forward momentum gaining speed
and clarity shatters the fetters of illusion.

Thoughts gather and commune in
my mind each measured by scale of
will and intent as the breath of death
and decay swirls around me .

The Hounds nip at my heels
still running at fevered pace
my breath coming in shortened
gasps and heart that beats
like syncopated drumming.

The Hounds nip at my heels
coming closer still until
I offer up my dues and surrender
to the renewal of rebirth
returning to manifest life
with Hounds laying
obediently at my feet.

It is Samhain Eve and magick is afoot! Breathe into the dark spaces and enter with courage and a heart of pure intent. All that we wish to gain mastery over rises to the surface as shadows and specters swirl about us; probing, prodding and pushing us towards our goals of release, wisdom and celebration.

The darkness crowds in and what we believe to be true is opened like the center of a rare and succulent fruit; awaiting the delight and sensual pleasure of consuming. The light flashes and we see the beauty of what awaits our transformation and we arise from the weight of our doubt to embrace Samhain’s gifts as the hounds nip at our heels…

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