30 Days of Samhain: Day Seven

Just for Fun! Samhain Correspondences

These are just a few of the things traditionally associated with Samhain including herbs, animals, food and more. I would encourage you to also be open to new correspondences that are specific to what you personally resonate with. The more you can personalize the experience, the deeper and more intimate that experience will be. Enjoy!

Dates: Traditional-October 31; Astrological-Mid-point day between the Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice November 5-7 (depending on the year.

Names: Halloween; Hallowmas; All Hallow’s Eve; Day of the Dead; Feast of teh dead; Third/Final Harvest; Celtic New Year.

Symbolism: Death and regeneration; transformation; ending old endeavors and re-setting to begin anew, knowledge; hidden gifts; the final harvest.

Workings: Ancestor work and connection; banishing; past life recall; psychic work; honoring the dead; drying herbs and herbal lore.

Ritual Oils: Frankincense; basil; camphor; clove; yarrow.

Symbols: Cauldrons; skulls; fall foliage; divination tools; besoms; lanterns; costumes; goblins; banshees; bones.
Colors: Black; orange; red; brown.

Herbs: Almonds; bay leaf; mugwort; mums; ginger; pine; cinnamon.

Crystals and Gemstones: Black obsidian; onyx; bloodstone; smoky quartz; obsidian.

Food and Drinks: apples; mead; mulled wine; cider; pumpkin; squash; cakes for the dead; beets; all root vegetables and tubers.

Animals: Cats, bats; spiders; rats; owls, stags; jackals; scorpions.

Deities: Hecate; Cerridwen; Anubis; Hel; The Morrigahn; Loki; Persephone; Osiris; Hades; Cernunnos; all underworld/death Gods and Goddesses.

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